Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What should we wear?

A- Solid colors are best; avoid bold patterns, T-shirts, tight short skirts and sleeveless. Clothing should not compete with faces when viewing your portraits. See the website portrait pages for the style of portrait you like best and for additional clothing suggestions. We usually don't recommend the "coat and tie" look for outdoor portraits.

Q- Where should we be photographed?

A- There are a number of favorite locations we work at in the Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Cupertino area.

Q- Can we be photographed at our home outdoors?

A- Yes. We look for full shade most of the time. Keep this in mind if you have a favorite spot at home and watch if a morning or late afternoon session would be better for shade. It is important that the background also be in shade. Be sure that faces are shaded and not unevenly lit by speckled sunlight filtering through trees from camera position. Speckled sun falling on backs is OK, not on faces.

Q- How about inside our home?

A- Indoor portraits at home are almost always made in your living room and include your natural home environment.

Q- Can we be photographed at our vacation home?

A- Sure we travel! If you have a special place in mind, let's talk about it. What better way to remember that special summer by the lake than with a family portrait?

Q- Do you do senior portraits?

A- Yes. Students should be photographed the summer before their senior year. We offer a variety of poses either in the studio or in a natural outdoor environment. Your yearbook photograph is e-mailed to your school.

Q- How long will my portrait session last?

A- Most sessions last about 45-60 minutes. If we are photographing your entire family, we will probably also do portraits of your children as a group, children individually and parents as a couple. Grandparents are encourage to attend too. If you have time constraints, please let us know as soon as possible.

Q- Can we include our pet?

A- We love to work with animals. Your leashed dog is welcome at the park. Solid black dogs show up best against lighter clothing, and you might want to add a bandana for color. Your cat can be photographed at your home.

Q- What are your hours?

A- Appointments can be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday. We are closed Sundays and Mondays.

Q- How do we select our portraits?

A- We try to have them posted online a few days after your session. We can also show the images at your home if that's better for you. We'll discuss all the possibilities including various sizes, finishes, special retouching concerns and possible "head swaps".

Q- Should the wall portraits be covered with glass?

A- All our photo collages and wall portraits 11x14 through 24x30 are protected by several coats of lacquer and do not need glass. For additional protection, glass may be used. Framed portraits can be dusted with a lamb's wool duster.

Q- Do you offer holiday cards?

A- We offer several styles of cards... the Trimline cards with a holiday logo and personalized name imprint, traditional cards that have a photograph attached to them and also cards where the photo is printed on card stock with printer's ink. Another option is to purchase quantity photographs and enclose them with your own cards.

Q- Do you do black & white portraits?

A- Yes, they can be printed in black & white.

Q- How long before the finished portraits are ready?

A- Finished portraits usually are ready 3 to 4 weeks after you place your order. We box and ship 11x14 and smaller unframed portraits via UPS for $10.00.

Q- Can we get digital files or soft copies?

A- Yes, they are available on a sliding scale that varies with the total order.